ZACK CORCORAN: Comic Artist & Illustrator
I love to tell stories through my art, and comics have always been my favorite narrative medium. I could fill several tiny blurbs with how I feel about comics, but instead I'm just going to let the stories speak for themselves.

Blasphemous Saga Fantasy

A biweekly ongoing webcomic about Seb Fuller, a squire tasked with saving the world. He's helped by a Lina, a plucky young witch, and The Slime King, his adopted brother/slime monster. (Note: This is a link to an external site)

Seb and Lina in: Cave of the Mimics

In this BSF side-story, Seb and Lina go looking for treasure and get menaced by crafty beasts.

The Return of Quetzalcoatl

The Aztec god has returned as he foretold. Unfortunately, he's extremely late, and the world has moved on without him.